Get your smarts on

Occies – Designer eyewear with blue light protection for professionals that want to focus on what they do best.

We love digitalization, but are also painfully aware of how it affects our bodies. OCCIES is a pilot project for a series of tools that will help us cope with the change, so that we can continue evolving into awesomer human beings.

OCCIES is designed to help you focus longer and live a healthy digital life without compromising what makes you, you. Your good looks!

A companion

Just like your laptop, coffee cup and cellphone, your Occies will be a companion. Always there to help you stay sharp and do what you do best.

A new style

Always wanted to wear stylish glasses? Now you’ve got a reason to. Protect your eyes, sleep better and look smarter!

The brains

HOLME&GSTFSN is a two-man design team based in Stockholm. As brothers, we’ve always built & designed things together and from these experiences we’ve formed a collaborative brain – letting us focus on what we believe is important: Creativity, quality & uniqueness.